Klaus Meine and Matthias Jabs
just before Klaus gets the guitar as a  present for his 60th birthday
DOUBLECUT black beauty

made for Klaus Meine, corinna, carved maple top, Musclebucker 
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DOUBLECUT amber quilt
made for Ingo Powitzer, guitar technician and part-time guitarist of the Scorpions.
1 Doublebucker (Paf84 / Strat62) 2x Strat 57 pickups.
Photo by Mikhail Vaneev
DOUBLECUT  "Sting in the Tail"
made for Klaus Maine
DOUBLECUT  Comeblack
made for Klaus Meine
DOUBLECUT  goldtop
mahagony body and neck, carved maple top, my P-90 pickups
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DOUBLECUT  flat and simple
mahagony body and neck, rosewood fretboard, 2 Patent pickups, wide variety of sounds, no need for more...
DOUBLECUT  flameburst
mahagony body and neck, carved flamed maple top, rosewood fretboard.
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top made of rare flower mahagony, look at the testreview


top made of rare flower mahagony, feat. Dommenget Mini Humbuckers
top made of brazil rosewood
this guitar got treated by an artist
mahagony body and back, carved maple top, rosewood fretboard, FloydRose tremolo.
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one of the first guitars I made in Hamburg, about 1989. All mahagony, ebony fretboard,
old stock perloid inlays and pickguard, long scale. Click on the picture to supersize
early DOUBLECUT all black
thick body and neck mahagony, carved maple top, ebony fretboard, an early example from 1984 feat. Bill Lawrence pickups.
Showing this guitar 1985 to the owner of an exclusive antique shop in London, it got me a nice job
as an antique furniture restorer for a few months - until I found a band that made some money.
I played this guitar myself and unfortunatly it got stolen on tour.
made 1983, all mahagony with a flat birdseye maple top, ebony fretboard, long scale. 
I also made the pickups. This was my main personal guitar when I moved to London.
One day I got it out of the storage cage at a rehearsal studio and the headstock was broken off.
Now the guitar belongs to an insurance company who payed for the damage
you can watch me playing this DOUBLECUT here
more examples of DOUBLECUT guitars