Repairs, reprays, rebuilds, modifications
here are some examples:
Modification of a Gibson  flying V
This was my most recent job for Rudolf Schenker. Fitted a FloydRose, a Fernandez Sustainer, inlays,
Musclebucker pickup and done a respray
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 refret of an old 50´ LesPaul goldtop
 This is an advanced version of my fretjobs,note that the new frets have the exact same lenght as the old ones 
to keep the original feel of the bindings. Also the actual fretboard didn´t get touched, even the old dirt of the fingers still remains.
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Bridge restauration of an old Gibson Dove
The original bridge was very warped and cracked so I had to make a new one,
using the old inlays and tune-o-matic bridge. the brass bushings in the top were all loose and had to get stabilized.
One of the bolds was missing, I made a new one and nickel-plated it. This job made a HUGE sound improvment.
see the old bridge in the background, click on the picture to supersize
Restauration / modification of an old Höfner solidbody
The body and neck got resprayed, the neck refretted, fitted new TOM bridge and stop tailpiece,
new machineheads, bone nut, new pickguard and controls, the pickups got anti-feedback treated









before                     after

Repair of Richie Sambora´s Taylor doubleneck
The old pickups and preamp were broken and outdated so I had to fit new ones.
This was pretty tricky as I had to use 2 preamps (L.R.Baggs). Everything was highly sensitiv to hum.
Thats why I fitted the electronics into a new housing covered with MU-metal, the only stuff that really works
preventing hum. A new custommade controlplate using the old holes got fitted.
testing the new preamps and pickups, in the background the old one
finally working again (compliments to Mr. Taylor) click on the picture to supersize
Refret of an old org. LesPaul from 1959
Done the same way as the goldtop on top of the page. The only difference was that on request of
the customer the frets didn´t get high-polished, but remained a satin finish.
A very nice lightweight example with a fantastic sound (org. Bigsby got removed).
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for a slideshow of this 59´ LesPaul click here
An old german archtop 
Completly rebuild, resprayed, neck resetted,  trussrod fitted, new ebony fretboard,
but using the old inlays and bindings. PAF testpair fitted,
Bigsby fitted, new machine heads, NOS Pickguard, anti-feedback treated, owned by Carl Carlton
Broken headstock repair
This broken headstock was repaired by somebody else. Unfortunatly it didn´t work out properly.
When moving the headstock by hand it felt like rubber. Because of the old glue from the first repair
the new glue couldn´t penetrate the wood as it should have. My solution: strenghten the crack
with carbon fibre strips:
and after a bit of touch-up:
now it is solid as a rock, and the sound is much improved.
With this method I can fix even very complicated headstock damage.
Restauration of an old DeArmond pickup
I wondered how they got the wire onto the bobbin, it´s made of paper.
So I had to make a new bobbin. It´s got a very interesting design
where they force the magnetic field into certain directions by the use of "sword"-shape soft iron.
A very good sounding pickup, also with brass strings.
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Making a hole disappear
Somebody thought it was a good idea to drill a hole through the headstock of this 72´ Tele
to hang it up on the wall.  Putting just a piece of wood into the hole didn´t look right.



Respray of an old Telecaster body "aged" blonde
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Super 400 Modification
A previous owner installed PAFs into this originally non-electric Gibson Super 400.
To do this he did cut through both braces. As a result the top felt like a trampolin, the guitar was impossible to tune
and didn´t sound at all. I rebuild the braces (used carbon as well again) and plugged the holes with matching spruce.
Todays owner ordered a 50´ type modification to P-90 pickups (a Scotty Moore Fan).
Those got mounted with a minimun of wood removal. The result: big sound, stays in tune.
Have a look inside the soundhole. It has the most unusual bracing I´ve ever seen.
This 1964 "Del Veggio" masterpiece looked as if it came straight out of the wastebin.
Nearly all gluejoints were loose, as was the top, back and laquer. There were many cracks and a
twisted neck, the bridge was loose as well. It was  more work than building a new one,
but the result was amazing. The finish is shellac french-polished. This was the best sounding gut string guitar I ever played.
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Re-topping of an acoustic EKO fretless bass
I repaired this bass in the 80`s. Back then acoustic basses were very rare, so it was worth doing it.
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VOX Marauder rebuild
one day a customer gave me an old VOX neck and a cigarbox with some sort of electronics, pots, many switches
and two pickup coils. He wanted me to build it back into an Marauder. I knew an VOX collector who gave me
an original Marauder so I could take measurements and compare the wiring.
So I had to make a new body, pickguard and tremolo (with needle bearings) plus fit the diagonal stripes into
the block inlays and a refret. The customer supplied the custom-made pickup covers.
Here is the result - and every button works (some crazy sounds).  Click on the picture to supersize 
Gene Vincent´s guitar urgently needs a repair !