MATTHIAS JABS signature guitar

The basic idea was a better follow up of the Jabocaster. It should be able to produce all the different sounds of the Scorpions, from wallcrashing heavy to ultraclean. All sounds should be avaiable from the guitar controls.
Also it should feature 24 frets. The development took a couple of prototyps, the final model represents the optimum.
This varity of sounds is possible by the use of the brandnew Dommenget patented pickups,
carefully made to Matthias specifications.


Body : old german alder

neck : european maple, carbon-reinforced, medium D

Fretboard : rosewood, long scale

frets : jumbo Dunlop 6150 (Gibson)

machineheads : Kluson diecast

bridge : FloydRose orginal

Pickup Bridge : "Masterbucker B" (DOUBLEBUCKER combination Musclebucker / Strat-plus, patented)

Pickup middle : Funkstrat, reverse polarity

Pickup Neck : "Masterbucker N" (DOUBLEBUCKER combination PAF 84 / Funkstrat, patented)


Controls :

1x Volume for Bridge Pickup

1x Volume for Middle/ Neck Pickups

1x Mastertone (with org. NOS Paper-oil Condenser, like 50s LP), Push/Pull switches the neck-pickup from singlecoil to humbucking (Paf)

1x Leadswitch (switches the bridge humbucker straight to the socket, the remaining circuit is completly disconected)

1x custom 5-way pickup selector switch 


Positions of the 5-way switch ( from bridge to neck ) :

1.) Bridge Humbucker

2.) Bridge Humbucker + middle pickup

3.) Bridge Singlecoil + middle pickup (humbucking effect)

4.) middle pickup + neck pickup (as singlecoil, P/P down humbucking effect)

5.) neck pickup, depending on the P/P position humbucker (Paf) or singlecoil (Funkstrat)


Another advantage of the volume-controls is the constant soundquality plus both controls work independent.

If one control is completly turn down the other still works (not like LPs). The neck-joint and cutaways are slightly modified

to allow full playability of the 24 frets. For soundreasons we use the good old 4-hole steelplate to hold the neck.

The connection is "wood-on-wood" non-laquered to enhence the sound even more ( an old Jimi Hendrix trick with remarkable results ).

The org. FloydRose tremolo is mounted flat to the top (downwards only) for more sustain and stay-in-tune-ability.

The nitro laquer is ultra thin and hand polished.


Mastercasters are available exclusivly at:

watch Richie playing his Mastercaster, click here

Mastercaster gold

as played by Richie Sambora of BonJovi, read a Testreview , scroll down




Mastercaster, the very first

Matthias` original Prototyp, note the 2 Pickup design. The Bodyshape is like an org. Strat,

but the fretboard has 24 frets and extends into the Body. 2 patended Doublebuckers made to Matthias` specifications.


Mastercaster white zebra

Matthias 2nd Mastercaster, Bodyshape like the first one


Mastercaster blue zebra

Matthias 3rd Mastercaster, with a new designed body for better

playability of the upper frets, now with 3 pickups


Mastercaster candy apple red

the final version feat. a new headstock design and logo



Mastercaster candy apple red, matching headstock


Mastercaster 2-tone sunburst


Mastercaster black on silver

unfortunatly this guitar got stolen on a tour in Mexico



Mastercaster white zebra

the final version with the new headstock and Logo



Mastercaster review in the german magazin "Grand Guitars"


The Making of MASTERCASTERS (slideshow), click on the picture


Mastercasters are available exclusivly at: