made for Rick Parfitt (Status Quo). After getting the chance of closely to inspect his No.1 Telecaster.
He plays the most heavy set of strings I´ve ever used: 0.14 - 0.58 ! Thats why Rick did put the stop tailpiece on his old Tele.
The Standart bridge just can´t handle the force of his playing ability. Therefore I reinforced the neck with carbonfibre rods.
The Bridge pickup is a killer (he just plays the bridge pickup). I love this one myself, it´s the ultimate Rock´n Roll rythm guitar.

body and neck spanish ceder, top 12mm maple, ebony fretboard,
Turbotele bridge pickup, patent neckpickup (PAF 84 and Strat 62), lots of airbrush.
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this is an very early example, made 1979, note the flamed alder body
another early example, ca. 1981, mahagony body
ca. 1982, pink salmon, mahagony body
 TELLY sunburst
well, we all know what a standard Tele looks like, hearing is believing
TELLY deluxe
mahagony body, all bindings
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black TELLY
alder body, maple neck, ebony fretboard, thin abalam binding, black hardware 
I made quite a few of these, very handy guitars.
The body is a 7/8 size