Imagine having a full humbucker sound and then, with the flick of a switch,
the same pickup delivers a REAL no-compromise vintage singlecoil sound.
This is exactly what the DOUBLEBUCKER does. It took me a few years to develop this principle
of construction to perfection. The final result was so amazing that I had to go through the trouble and
expense of getting a patent. The new construction allows for many variations.
Basicly I can combine every PAF size Humbucker I offer with any singlecoil as you wish.
Sounds to good to be true? Check out all the videos with the Mastercasters,
there is a very nice one with Richie Sambora, click here (no pedals involved)
Why does it cost as much as 2 pickups? Simply because it is 2 pickups.
The Bobbins and Baseplate are handmade, there are different custommade alnico 5 magnets and different sort
of custommade wire involved. It´s not a simple pickup to make.
Available with open coils in black, cream, zebra, white
and with german-silver covers in nickel, chrome, gold, black-chrome and antic (raw, unplated, nice vintage look)
P.S.   There are a few pickups on the market that claim they can do that. Well, not really.
When you split a normal humbucker you have a single coil, but it doesn´t sound like a real
typical singlecoil. Because the design of the coil and the magnetic field are very different.
Then there are pickups where 2 typical singlecoils are put together to look and act like a humbucker.
Now you can get a real singlecoil sound but the humbucker sound is nothing like a normal humbucker,
again because the coils and magnetic field are completly different.